1 - 3 | 09 | 2017 Frogmore Hill Stevenage SG14 3RR

"A boutique festival with major festival feel, great production great little hidden venues and a proper party crowd, if you don't know then get to know!"




We are a compact festival here at Wilkestock with different stages just a few steps from each other. How do we do that I hear you ask, surely the sound from each stage clashes? Not here! We use dense straw bales like no other festival in the country, walk from stage to stage in a matter of seconds and never loose your friends (unless you need to of course!). Each stage will warm your ears late into the very small hours.

Main Stage

Lounge on one of our many recycled sofas with a fresh beer in hand or head down the front and dance your socks off! The natural amphitheatre allows prime viewing from any spot bringing energy and passion like you were onstage yourself, yes you can get that close!

Bellas Stage

Chill on the bean bags and listen to an array of music, previously hosted by Pixie Lott and BBC’s Introducing very own Gareth Lloyd. Get up close and personal while you can to some of the country’s best emerging talent. Get in here early to get a good spot!

Banorang Stage

Hosted by the Bangorang lost boys straight from Never, Never Land, this stage never sleeps! Top tunes from top DJ’s from across the county new and old including legendary Stanton Warriors, DJ Hype, Ed Solo, Dub Pistols & Rodney P. Breaks, electro swing, ghetto funk also featuring heavily from the up and coming.

Bramble Stage

Get your dancing shoes (and hats) on with huge takeovers from the Hat -Club playing the best House, including a legendary set from Prok & Fitch in 2015. Saturday and Sunday sees local music powerhouse and pop up nightclub the ‘Dog House’ takeover. Garage legends DJ Luck & MC Neat put down an awesome set in 2016 and filled the tent to the brim.

Rock up and Rinse

The smallest of the stages, but often packing the heaviest of tunes! Small and intense, bring your tunes and sign up on the day for a set on the decks! Huge takeovers from local DJs Variations & The Unknown, see the morning in packed to the rafters. Cinema Tent – Yep catch up on those classic and not so classic movies well into the night. More child friendly ‘classics’ shown during the day!

Red Hand Tipi Clan

Step into the traditional tipi and have a chill or a relaxing lie down whilst filling your bellies with hot chocolate and marshmallows, yum! And they’re open 24hrs.

Food Garden

Fresh picks from around the world to clench those oh so hungry tums after a good 12hour dancing stint! From wildebeest burgers to that sweet sugary crepe, finished off with a top scrummy coffee or a cool beer from one of the many bars. We aim to quench your appetite.

Wilkestock Lodge

Serving ice cold Beers, malty fresh Ales and of course some refreshing Cocktails. Too normal for you? How about some Bombs?….. Of course! Jager? Skittle? Tripop? Mad Badger? Take your pick! Feel free to tip our lovely staff who are all working for free….. There’s a big silver bucket to fill! (Various bars across the site will also be serving all or some of the above.)

How we got here

Yes we started small (just 30 people in a field!) and have grown like many other festivals, however, the home grown ethos and donating all profits to charity has never changed. What started off as a place for the various bands in our family to perform some 10 years ago has snowballed massively, through huge generosity of many people’s time and skills to create something we thought would never be possible. Back in 2007 with a small stage made out of milk crates borrowed from the local milkman and some scraps of plywood the Wilkestock era was created.

Many years followed, cobbling together equipment and people’s time all on a shoestring has created something incredibly unique to the UK festival scene. Gone are the milk crates, but the enthusiasm and passion strongly thrives more than ever. Here we are, in 2017, selling out of early bird tickets and gearing up for our 10th anniversary. We can’t remember much about the first few but I guess that is a side effect of the many festival antics the Wilkestock field has produced! We are again donating all of the profits to charities close to our family’s hearts, Leukaemia Research (Beating Blood Cancer) and Keswick Mountain Rescue.

Back in 2005 our older brother was unfortunately taken from us in a tragic accident whilst pursuing his life long love for climbing in the Lake District. He was a very, very, accomplished climber, following his passion all over the world. He resided in the Lake District to enable quick access to some of the best climbing in the country, but unfortunately what he loved so much was going to lead to his death during a natural rock fall. This occurred on a normal climbing summers day in June opposite one of the much loved walks to the summit of Cat Bells.

The money raised from Wilkestock, various donations and also our fathers marathon running ambitions (he has done over 10!) gets handed over personally to Ian and the Keswick Mountain Rescue team who tried to save our brother that day. Helping setup a new climbing centre all those years ago whilst he studied at Newton Rigg College his dedication and drive was clear. Something that has been reflected and given us the passion and drive to push Wilkestock Festival on every year, we like to think he lives on within.


Families Welcome?

Yes bring the kids if you wish! 3 and under for just £2, 4-12yrs just for £5. Yes this is the whole weekend if you like! Lots for the kids to do including crazy golf, bouncy castles, secret cinema, face painting + we have a nice compact site so the kids can’t roam too far! Smashing if you want to relax with your favourite tipple from one of the bars (responsibly of course!). The family camping area is behind the main music areas, giving you that peace and quiet for those little ones to drift off into the land of Zzzz’z. This also goes for the parents if you have had a tough dancing day.

Do I need to bring my ticket print out?

Yes please! This will speed up yours and everyone else’s entry. Tickets can be scanned from your phone but remember, those little things don’t always work!

Do I need a carpark pass?

Yes I’m afraid this year you will need to purchase a carpark pass at £10. This is the first time in 10yrs we have done this - 1. To encourage lift sharing. 2. New licencing reasons 3. All profits go to charity!

How far is the carpark from the festival?

Not far at all! Approximately 1 minute walk or less! (30seconds if you have really long legs)

Can I sleep in my car or camp in the carpark?

No I’m afraid not, please purchase a weekend ticket that includes camping or even a campervan pass.

Can I bring a tent and what kind?

Yes bring a tent if you have a weekend ticket and plan to get some kip! (2hrs at least a night highly advised). Make sure your tent is waterproof and you have a peg or two.


If you would like to bring a Gazebo then happy days, but please be considerate to others and don’t take up huge amounts of space that you don’t need!

Can I light a fire or have naked flames onsite?

Afraid not. Keep warm by dancing the night away and keep your bellies stocked with some decent grub cooked by the pros! No gas canisters or related stoves sorry!

Do I need to bring ID?

Yes of course, passport or UK driving licence please.

If I’m under 18 can I enter the festival?

Yes but you must be accompanied by a responsible adult over 21years.

Can I get cash out at the festival?

I’m afraid not, we do not have any cash machines onsite, however the main bars and most catering stalls take cards.

Do you have any lockers or phone charging onsite?

Yes we do just by the main campsite entrance, ask one of the super friendly stewards or security to point you in the right direction.

Do you have showers onsite?

Yes we do have showers, so you can scrub up lovely for the next day of antics (or just stop the smell.)

Can I bring alcohol in if I’m camping?

Yes but there is a limit due to licencing. 8 cans of normal strength beer or cider or 1 normal box of wine. All in unopened original sealed containers. Strictly no spirts or glass. Limits allowed on one entrance only.

Can I bring alcohol into the main arena or if I have bought a day ticket?

Sorry folks due to licencing, no. The bars are reasonable, happy hours are good and so are the volunteer staff for a bit of banter (and it’s a charity festival!)

Is there disabled access and facilities?

Due to the nature of the site (being uneven on a hill) we regret to inform that disabled facilities are not available. Please email us for specifics if you’re keen however.

Can I volunteer?

Yes! If you’re a lovely person and fancy a bit (sometimes a lot!) of unpaid work, drop us an email. The whole festival has grown to the level it is due to volunteers giving their time. However, you need to be reliable and in a fit state to work. If you have any further crazy skills you might think will help us out and are keen to get involved, drop us another email!

When do we open?

Campsite 11am on the 1st of September with the arena shortly after. We have to move you on Monday though I’m afraid…. By 1pm.

When do the bars open?

TBC for 2017 but at least from 12 noon til 3am.


The furry one’s… unfortunately not. No dogs across the whole site unless it’s a guide dog.

Your favourite cuddly toy dog?

Yes of course just make sure he is fed and watered properly.

Now the big question…..what do I wear?

Anything you desire! (as long as its safe and does not offend others of course!) Remember to keep an eye out for this year’s theme and fancy dress Saturday…. Prizes awarded for the best dressed, which most probably means free beer! (to over 18’s of course) and maybe a cuddly toy.

How do I get to this wonderful place?


the nearest and best station to get to is Stevenage, this has the most trains and a good reliable service. Its just 22mins from London Kings Cross on the train and a short 10 minute taxi ride to the festival, yep just 32mins from Kings Cross…. insane! Clever trains.


SG14 3RR is the postcode for satnavs, this should bring you into the vision of local festival signs, as soon as you see these please follow them! Car sharing is always recommended to look after our lovely planet and also to save on the £10 carpark ticket.


Same as a car however you will have a driver who knows where to go! Please use the drop off and pick up area signposted. Say thanks to your friendly driver as that taxi driver can be very helpful when you need to get home in the dead of night!


Please use caution as the final walk from the bus stop to the festival is not lit and does not have the best footpath.


Every person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult of 21 years or over. The festival site / carpark and other areas are in some cases uneven. Please take care when moving around the site. Management is not liable for any injury caused onsite or around the close vicinity of the festival.
Wilkestock Arena is a licensed venue so only alcohol purchased on site can be consumed in the Arena 8 cans of beer OR 2 litres of cider OR 1 box of wine permitted into the campsite on one occasion only. Wilkestock Arena is a licensed venue so only alcohol purchased on site can be consumed in the Arena. NO Spirits. NO spirits NO glass NO unsealed drinks containers of any kind permitted
NO NAKED FLAMES permitted across the site. This includes cooking stoves/BBQ's etc. We apologise as this is set by the authorities. Every person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult of 21 years or over. Camping includes Sunday night. 2 + 2 Family tickets admit 2 adults and two children 12 and under 3 and under £2, 4-12yrs £7, 13-17yrs £37 - must be accompanied by a responsible adult of 21 years and over. These are weekend tickets and not available in day format.
Any persons entering the festival Site (Field of Waterbridge + Car park) will comply with the following conditions. Any non-compliance can result in the offender being immediately and permanently ejected from the Site.

Entry to the event, all activities at the event, purchase and use of tickets are subject to these Conditions. These Conditions may be amended without prior notice.

You may be searched at the entrance for any items that can be used in an illegal or offensive manner these will be confiscated immediately. Persons suspected of carrying out illegal and/or offensive activities on the festival Site will be searched and face eviction. NO portable laser equipment or pens are permitted.

Every person under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a responsible adult of 21 years or over. All persons may be asked for ID and will not be served alcohol if ordered without proof of age of over 18 years. Challenge 25 will be implemented.

NO animals (except registered guide dogs), sound systems, generators, sky lanterns or kites, fireworks, canisters or wax flares, naked flames or burning of plastic will be allowed on the festival Site.

Anti-social behaviour any people affecting the enjoyment of other attendees and/or affecting the running of the event will be immediately ejected by security

The Site is a glass free zone. Any glass will be confiscated on arrival. Wristbands removed or tampered with will be invalid and will not be replaced.

CCTV will be present. All persons on Site consent to filming. The Site management reserve the right to refuse admission or to eject attendees from the event without reimbursement of ticket price or other costs.

The Site management reserve the right to cancel the event without notice.

The Site management exclude liability for loss, injury or damage to persons or property except in respect of death or personal injury resulting from its own negligence.

The Site management reserve the right to change the services provided and any other aspects of the event without notice.

ALL persons will use the premises in a proper and lawful manner and not so as to cause any nuisance, annoyance or inconvenience to other persons on Site or neighbouring properties, or to render void or voidable any insurance in whole or in part. This will be monitored by the Site Manager.

NO refunds will be issued to any attendee under any circumstances.

Further conditions may be applied at the start of the festival.